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   Icod el Alto is a district in Los Realejos, far away from the downtown. Los Realejos is located out of Valle de La Orotava natural region, on the plain mountain chain of Tigaiga.

   Its 3625 inhabitants live around the Catholic Church, spread across seven small villages: El Lance, El Dornajo, Lomo Márquez, La Gallinera, El Mazapé, La Pared and El Lomo Juan de La Guardia.

   It has very important historical remains such as La Casa de La Pared, a property that played a remarkable role about crops introduction as the potato, later taken to the rest of the islands, at XVII and XVIII centuries. La Casa de La Pared took in many people who were visiting the island, traders staying at this place because the house had rooms, food, stables and it was very closed to the Royal Path that circled the island. The City Hall has suggested settling “The Potato House” in La Casa de La Pared because Juan Bautista de Castro introduced this crop in this land in 1622.

   The district has a XVIII century church in honour of Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje, a great devotion image considered “Candelaria del Norte”.

   Icod el Alto is a farming district whose most traditional crops are potato and wheat. In previous centuries, it was also pointed out due to turkey and pig raising. Taking into account traditions, it celebrates fests along the year.

   Icod el Alto is also well-known due to the cultural activity carried out by their large number of groups. The population nucleus has a medical centre, a social centre, a football field and a City Hall office.